Travel to Jordan Declaration Form




Note 1: You will be required to undergo a COVID-19 test upon arrival in Jordan at your own expense of 40 JD (approximately $56), children below 5 years of age are exempted – Your application will not be processed unless payment is made, please make payment now.

Note 2: Upon successful completion and submission of this form, you will receive a confirmation code via email, which must be shown at the check-in counter at the airport of departure.

Note 3: Evidence of negative PCR tests conducted from the country/region of departure and confirmation code (see Note 1) must be presented at the check-in desk at the airport of departure for each traveller.

Note 4: You will need to download the “Aman” App, please do so now

Note 5: You will need to show evidence at the check-in desk that you have resided at the country/region of departure for the past 14 days (evidence can include credit card transactions, invoices, hotel bill etc. in the name of the traveller.)

Note 6: GREEN Countries/regions:
Austria , Canada, China , Cyprus , Denmark , Estonia , Georgia , Germany , Greenland , Iceland , Ireland , Italy , Latvia , Lithuania , Malaysia , Malta , Monaco, New Zealand , Norway , Switzerland , Taiwan , Thailand .