Frequently Asked Questions

For inquiries contact the customer care center number +96265002099
For technical support email

What will happen if the PCR test at the airport returns positive? (For Jordanians or Internationals)?

If PCR result is positive then the traveler will be sent to the Ministry of Health office at the airport to arrange his/her safe departure from the airport and transported to the dedicated COVID hospital for treatment (treatment for non Jordanians will be at their own expense)

What is the wait time for the PCR test at the airport?

There is no waiting time at the airport after doing the PCR test, travellers will get the PCR test results by SMS.

What ages are expected to have the PCR test upon arrival? Does it include children?

All ages above 5 years old.

To return to our country/region after visiting Jordan are we requested to go to a lab for another PCR test? If yes how do we contact these labs?

Depends on the policy and procedures of each country, there will be a lab at the departures area and also a list of local labs in Amman will be found here

Will there still be airport transportation?

All airport transportation will be available at arrivals

Are we allowed to bring our personal electronic thermometers with us or will they be subjected to customs?

yes you are allowed.

Is it mandatory to wear a mask and gloves during my entire trip ?

Face masks and gloves are mandatory in public places for example shopping malls.....public gathering areas.... as per the MoH protocals that are listed here.

Who will cover my PCR test expenses in QAIA?

The PCR test is at the expense of the traveler.

Are the historical sites and tourist attractions being sanitized for visitors?

yes all public areas and tourism attractions are routinely sanitized.

Does Duty Free in QAIA accept cash or must I use my credit card for my purchases?

yes both payments are accepted.

While visiting Jordan, I developed some symptoms correlated with Covid19 symptoms, to whom must I report this?

contact the MoH hotline 111.

Which airports will operate?

Queen Alia international.

What are the visa procedures?

They are the same as pre Covid19.

What is Jordan’s status with Covid-19?

Please visit

Does this system grant me entry into Jordan?

No, this system was created for the purpose of registering for the PCR test upon arrival and the purchase of institutional quarantine if needed.